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El Segundo de Febrero /Commemorating the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 2, 2019

Centro Cultural Aztlan is pleased to present the 41stannual Segundo de Febrero exhibition. This year, Centro Aztlan’s exhibition is entitled, “Borrando Fronteras,” Erasing Borders.

Centro Cultural Aztlan has produced and presented the annual Segundo de Febrero exhibit since 1978 in an effort to preserve Mexican American history and culture.  This exhibit commemorates the 171stanniversary of the signing of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the ending of the U.S. Mexican war, and the redistribution of a border—creating a new bicultural citizenry with a new consciousness of Mexican American dual identity, history, culture, and traditions.

The inspiration for this year’s show—Borrando Fronteras—is the lasting effects of the broken treaty, especially the creation of new borders and the lasting effects it has had on Latinos/as/xs, Chicanos/as/xs, and indigenous peoples. Inspiration from past and present events will result in a visual dialog of Chicano/a/x, Latino/a/x, and indigenous identity; and a reflection of the sentiment toward border issues and current events.

This year’s participating artists include:

David Blancas, Sarah Castillo, Rosa Fernandez, Ana Hernandez, Rhys Munro, Jason Eric Gonzalez Martinez, Jessica Gonzales, Maria Jessica Alvarado, Doroteo Albert Garza, Rudy Herrera, Robert Wilkens, Guadalupe “Spike” Muñoz, Abigail Marquez, Angelica Mayorga Gomez, Mary Agnes Rodriguez, Raul Servin, Gloria Sanchez Hart, Nancy Klapp, Israel Rico, Mario Garza, and more.

The exhibit, which is free and open to the public, is on view throughout the month of February and during the scheduled hours of the On & Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour on February 16-17, 2019.

Viewing hours are M-F 9AM-5PM.

Centro Cultural Aztlan presents:

Vuelo de Mariposas Open Studios and Spring Market
Deco Building and Galeria Expresion
Saturday and Sunday February 16-17, 2019

In addition to El Segundo de Febrero exhibition, Centro Cultural
Aztlan presents our annual Vuelo de Mariposas Spring Market, open studios with featured artists and an artisan market of fine-crafts, paintings and wearable art by some of San Antonio’s most noted artists.

The Vuelo de Mariposas Spring Market gives local artists an affordable venue in which to sell their works of art and provides visitors the opportunity to meet and greet the artists and artisans. Several of the Borrando Fronteras exhibition artists will host open studios, including live painting and printmaking.

Visitors can stroll through the Deco Building’s breezeway and sidewalks to find artists having craft and jewelry demonstrations, hands-on activities, and live art painting. Presenting their “Spring line,” artists and artisans are sure to bring the newest trends and colors of the season!

Visitors are also invited to participate in a FREE community workshop in traditional Mexican Son Jarocho music, presented by El Tallercito de Son SATX on Sunday, February 17, from 3:00-4:00pm.

Live body painting demonstration by Oscar Galvan.

Vuelo de Mariposas Spring Market is open as a part Centro Cultural Aztlan’s 41st Segundo de Febrery Exhibition, Borrando Fronteras, on Saturday, February 16, 2019 from 11am to 5pm, and Sunday, February 17, 2019 from noon to 5pm.

Artists, Artisans, and Vendors include:

Israel Rico, Nuevo Huevo, Debi Lively, Nancy de la Cerda, Rachel Valdez, Tereza Gonzalez, Blas Hernandez, Irma Ochoa, Corine Rodriguez, Angelina Pliego, Shari B. Collins, Victor Tello, Jesse Sauceda, Alicia Zavala Galvan, Yolanda O. Reyes, y muchos mas!



Back by popular demand…Centro Cultural Aztlan presents:

The Egg as an “Objet d’art,” an exhibit dedicated to the ever sacred egg.

Since the beginning of time in many cultures across the world, the egg has been a powerful symbol representing the earth, fertility, and resurrection. Such a simple, benign looking thing.  So unassuming—but the egg is also incredibly symbolic. Consider: All life comes from some kind of egg, whether in the form of seed underground, or a vessel within the womb.

Ancient peoples linked the magic of this parcel of new life to creation itself, believing that the world was formed from a cosmic egg. The Greeks used the eggs as sacrifices to the deities and placed then on the altars of their temples. The Greeks and Romans of the ancient world placed eggs in tombs or left nests of eggs beside them—a sign of life after death—while Maori people buried their dead with an egg of a now-extinct moa in one hand. Still today, Jewish mourners traditionally eat eggs after a funeral to signify loss and the circle of life.

More than 2,500 years ago, eggshells were decorated as part of spring rituals in Africa and elsewhere to symbolize new growth and life. Undoubtedly influenced by such traditions, Christianity adopted the egg to denote the Easter Resurrection of Christ. The decorative painted eggs of Eastern European countries, such as the pysanka of Ukraine, were used in Christian rituals from the 10th century AD. By the late 13th century ostrich eggs, which had first hung in mosques to symbolize light and life, began to appear in churches, too, and featured in Easter ceremonies.

During the month of April, the full moon is called the Egg Moon by many Native American tribes. This full moon prompts us to celebrate the explosion of bright beauty surging forth by the prompting of the Egg Moon. This Native American moon signifies the birth and creation of new life across the land; during this time, indigenous peoples believe this moon actually lures the life out of the ground, encouraging sprouts to spring to life.

Centro Cultural Aztlan invites local emerging and professional artists to submit their work, helping us Cultivate Cultura. Centro Cultural Aztlan(CCA) was founded in 1977 with a vision to build upon the traditions of Chicano/a, Latino/a, and indigenous peoples by creating cultural programs that involve local artists and increase public awareness of their work. We continue to serve this mission today through our commitment to preserving and promoting Chicano/a, Latino/a, and indigenous arts and culture, and through our commitment to diversity, education, and promotion of local artists.

The Exhibition:
Centro Cultural Aztlan is continuing the ancient traditions and celebrations of the egg. For the month of April 2019, Centro Aztlan will focus on the artistic, political, and social designs of: The Egg as an “Objet d’ art”.

Artists may submit one or two pieces of art in any medium where the egg is the focal point, the center of interest. Submissions may be 2 or 3 dimensional, and artists are responsible for their display (i.e. Monitors for digital art, any special stands, or other items needed to display art. Centro Aztlan can provide pedestals for pieces of a certain dimension, please contact Centro Aztlan to make arrangements.

All Artwork due FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2019 BY 5:00PM.

Download the application here:

The Egg as an Objet d’ Art Exhibit Invitation

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